Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and wish for fun holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving to my family, local friends, and travel friends!

With each trip we take, our experiences open new doors! With the challenges of today (economy, war, jobs/no jobs, apartment rent increases in a negative economy, etc) facing us, I am grateful to have and share these memories with everyone.

Travel friends are different than any other type of friend. They are people you meet just one time. These new friends which we share ONE moment of our lives and will remember forever! We may never meet these friends again, we will always have that one common experience between us.

Enjoy these images from Italia! Peace!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Italian Cars

Dear Detroit car makers,

Please pay attention to this message. Economical cars are not really new and a great source for drivers now. Please contact me for ideas for your 2009 biz plans .... ways to save money, engineer new products and help the environment.

Best Regards,

The Fun Tour Guru

Italian cars in Florence, Italia

Maybe we should take note of these with our latest gas crisis in USA. It really is not new to drive vehicles like these.