Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Free Thanksgiving Gift to Everyone from Silicon Valley/San Francisco

A USA Holiday 

"Tis the night before Thanksgiving. With a hustle everywhere.  Yes, people are on the go, actively stirring in places like grocery stores, airports, shopping centers, and kitchens. They are finalizing plans for a huge feast and fun activities with friends and family tomorrow.  And some may even be volunteering to help others in need. "  ~me

I want to write something different tonight as I wish everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving this year.  When I saw this house in Silicon Valley decorated for Thanksgiving, I knew immediately this is a "sign" this year.  Let's not wait for the December holidays.  We need this now.

It is time to join together and give a free gift to everyone. I know this has been an action-packed, suspenseful year for everyone. We are all busy. No time to call people.  No time to write letters. But wait! Let's find the time to do something for someone.

Stop and shake someone's hand. Call someone. Around the world.  Please let me know with your comment below what you are doing. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Friends. Family. Everyone! Not in USA? I hope you have wonderful week.

Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road. Let's have fun now with our journey through life!  The Fun Tour Guru


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Architecture & Artwork, Santana Row, San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley)

These buildings bring fascinating finds. These are two pictures I caught up close in one of our favorite San Jose, CA modern, upscale hangouts and shopping neighborhoods, Santana Row.  Sometimes we need to stop, look and admire the beauty during our shopping. 

Today's Travel Tip:  Look up!  on our local streets.

Would you like to go on a walking tour with me?   Food and wine tastes, art, and stories... that is what I look for.  How about you?

Garlic embedded on new buildings - Valley of Hearts Delight, San Jose CA History

Look up & find these 'Shapes of Moons' Art Work

Out and around ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

Both pictures taken by me, a few years a part. One is a from film, the other digital.   

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