Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New on my Expanding Horizons

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"It is never too late --  in fiction or in life -- to revise."  Nancy Thayer, novelist

Yes, I have been absent recently. Is it a writer’s block? Or am I active? Sometimes I don’t realize how active I have become with new discoveries everyday (And keep up with my established connections).  It is important as a writer to get away from your favorite place, meet new people, and find new ways. Does this sound like familiar words by now?  I have to schedule time to do this myself. It is great to share with people – and it does increase your own creativity and business ideas.

I went to a workshop sponsored by the Santa Clara County (yep, research for writing) this past week where one of the presenters, Marcia Stein, of Stein Consulting mentioned after hearing questions from attendees, "I am always looking for a job."  I wonder, will the connecting with people really continue after the recession?

I don't announce new year resolutions to anyone - I just quietly find new opportunities to include in my established paths.

New with my own expanding horizons 2010 ...

I found a Silicon Valley Consultants Working from Home Meet Up group which is a new way to connect. Everyone is busy, whether they are employees and work for large companies or building their own business adding clients – it is fun to step away for one hour for a social coffee chat during the day.  There is no marketing/selling, no leads to maintain, no membership dues to pay, just old fashion way of getting acquainted with other business people.  There is always a different conversation every week that is started and new consultants to meet. 4-5 consultants show up every week - no agenda - it is non-stop conversation.

There is the Bootstrapper Breakfast for S/W Entrepreneurs – for business people.  Why would I be interested?  It is a transition from employee to a business person which is very different and I search for other like-minded people during this.  This has a meeting design that includes a structure around a table for people to engage with others business people.  There is not any direct selling/marketing. It is a serious place to bring challenges and discuss these with other professionals. It is interesting and helps me to keep my business focus.  

I am reading a new book this year, Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan.  It was (a different) Nancy, my Shopping Spree Tour Guide in Scottsdale, AZ which first told me about this book.  Yep, right after I went to see Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright).  When another new friend mentioned this same book to me (the week between Christmas and New Year’s), it seemed to me I had better see what it is about.  (Please share comments about it)

Oh, add to this list a very different an interesting 6 week online class that I found to add a new dimension. 

And, I met another Tour Professional from the New York region for lunch during their visit to Silicon Valley. It is great to meet these new friends - whether you are on the trip or they visit you. We share a common bond of "Tour Pros" from the Travel Industry. 

Hey, if you are in Silicon Valley, come join in with these activities.  If you in another region, let's join up with you. Tell your new horizons either here or on Facebook.

It is a fun journey to be able to revise your life and find new discoveries along the way.  No matter what your profession is – how you work -  where you live – remember to increase your awareness – people do change with you. 

Find solutions the easy way ~ The FunTourGuru

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Travel Blog or Writing Blog ... Which came First?

"A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us." ~ John Steinbeck

I want to forward a huge thank you to my followers on this past year - all 28,000 of you. One does not realize the impact when writing and publishing weekly articles. It is amazing to see the accumulative statistics.  

There are many discussions of online writing vs print media - for myself - what a fantastic opportunity to be able to share!  

Remember, I am either traveling or writing about travel.  
Follow me online or on a trip!  Have Fun! The FunTourGuru