Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving in USA

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving in USA! And, to carry this tradition of being thankful through to everyday this next year!  Everywhere they go!

Here's to many different trips, local and afar ~ The FunTourGuru

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vacations, Weekend Getaways, Local Trips

Seventh Commandment for Travelers

VII. Thou shalt do only somewhat as the natives do. 

Be respectful and cautious at the same time.  Spam doesn’t occur just on the internet.  You don’t have to stay inside your hotel room a 100% of the time, do think about those safety tips you have been reading at all times while you are exploring. 

Tips of for 2010 Vacation

There are some great adventures, don’t be surprised to find "different" vacations are already being reserved now, yes now for 2010.  Reserve space on a few USA unique tours now for $150.

Add the in-depth, up close, sightseeing of Yellowstone/Glacier National Parks with other people on a group tour (remember price includes most expenses) in July.  It is a great way to see these National Parks, as a soft adventure, for many people.  There is a wide choice of tours in this region, reserve one which is operated locally.

Try the Rocky Mountaineer train through the Canadian Rockies. There are special added values if you reserve before December 31.

Relax in the sun at a Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ, with shopping, culinary, and hiking, and add two days for history, hiking and culinary tastes in Prescott area.

A Hawaiian Island vacation is affordable and convenient with departing flights on Hawaiian Airlines from the west coast.

Taking an extra day when you are in Austin (why is this called the Music Capital?) and visit the Texas Hill Country attractions.  Ask a local expert to assist!

Or, add a side getaway trip from Branson, and see “Little Switzerland” Eureka Arkansas.

Are you traveling independently through  Europe  in November/December?  Look at some of the rental cars value in sales right now.  

For those of you in USA, Happy Thanksgiving!
Remember to have fun.  If not traveling to other destinations, try going to a local museum or attraction you have not seen in your own town.  ~~ The FunTourGuru

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tips when Traveling

The sixth commandment for All Travelers: 

“Blessed are they who can wait and smile for they shall enjoy themselves.” 

With every trip you take, either solo or with a group, remember there will be wait time with all forms of transportation, whether it is flying, cruising, train travel, car trips, or by motorcoach.  Prepare in advance for additional wait periods.  And then have some fun.  Discover something you do not already know.  

Things you might do:
  • Reserve tickets to attractions, transfers to/from hotel, and day tours in advance with your personal travel consultant before your trip. 
  • Dine during the "slower periods" of meal time hour.  
  • Have a book ready.
  • Create a game of your own by preparing questions in advance and engage in conversations with at least one new person sitting next to you. Conversation starters to get acquainted with these new friends: where are they going, recent book or movie they liked, favorite exercise, or last trip they took.  
Remember, to have fun during your vacations and even business trips.  Do not be afraid to say "I do not know" and learn something new and different.

Another item different topic: 

Instead of buying presents for each person during the holidays this year, share with a simple flower centerpiece or arrange to play sports game between friends and family.

~~ The FunTourGuru


Monday, November 9, 2009

Reserve USA & Europe Tours: Discounts, Family Friendly Available

I just found out that if you travel with 5 friends on escorted tours (USA & Europe tours are good) next year, there is a 5% discount. Of course, you have to reserve all 5 friends at the time of the first reservation. There are other Early Discounts valid right now too! Contact us for reservations.  There are already "definite departures" being posted.

If you have already been to these destinations across Europe and USA, the Cost Saver tours may be great, as you may split off when you reach the daily destination from the rest of the group tour if you want. And, if you like the unpacking once (like cruises), there are escorted tours like these available.

AND, triple and quad rooms are available with hotels now on Family Travel escorted tours.  This is a great idea for families.  Remember, escorted tours are inclusive price.  Start planning ~ this is a great time to reserve.

Travel with your small group of friends in 2010!  ~ The FunTourGuru

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tips to Remember with Your Travels

Paradise, right in our backyards!  A great weekend away! 
In Arizona, call to reserve. 
Returning to the 10 commandments series which is actually taken from a book, “Great Travel Quotes” published by a former Book, Maps, & More store, Phileas Fogg’s, and favorite store of mine to simply walk around, browse and attend book lectures.  If you live on the San Francisco bay peninsula, you may remember this store.

The fifth commandment for All Travelers:

“Thou shalt not judge all people of a country by one person with whom thou hast had a problem.”

This commandment really stands on it own.  Maybe a smile wasn’t used when asking for something. Remember, local people across the world all have their reasons why they do what they are doing.

Think about the diverse group of people living in the USA alone, and then across the world.  Get to know these people on a different level.  And of course, find out first, why we all have found the best method (which works for us) for doing things. 

An undiscovered treasure is to learn about the local people on our travels, and how they do things, within our own country as will as other countries.

A Smile helps much, when speaking with people!  ~ The FunTourGuru