Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chess Playing in Silicon Valley

I have been actively working on a project this week. Everyone will soon find out what the project is. I do feel guilty without writing stories or news this week.  Here goes - An unusual and fun thing to do is to play the giant chess game we have in San Jose.  Be careful and don't get a check-mate.

Check! Check-Mate!

Exercise (moving the pieces), sunshine, and getting away from 'puter. Plus great conversations!  It is a great place to unwind during the day.  And a great price - free.  Warning, some people take their giant chess game seriously.

Giant Chess game - Santana Row, San Jose

There is always something to discover when you turn down the "other" road.  

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

America's Best Rose Garden is Now in San Jose, CA

I wrote a travel article for of the different historic mansions and gardens located on the San Francisco peninsula and south bay for travelers to visit.  In the article, I mentioned one must see garden was the San Jose Municipal Garden, which is an actual tour stop on my group tours of San Jose.

Today, the fabulous news was announced that this Rose Garden was awarded America's Best Rose Garden by All-America Rose Selections (AARS).  Thank you to the community work and support of over 3,000 volunteers to make this happen.  The garden has always been an amazing place - now is a definite place to stop and enjoy the roses!

Shared from YouTube: San Jose, CA June 11 2010. Friends Of The San Jose Rose Garden in partnership with Hands Bay Area and Google volunteer to perform maintenance on The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Music Brahms, Symphony No.1 C Minor
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Be safe on your vacation trips this year, and remember to turn down that street that is not on your plan, to make a new discovery. ~ The Fun Tour Guru, Follow me online or on a trip!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiburon: A Friendly Town on the North Bay of San Francisco Bay Area

 One fun thing in the San Francisco bay area is to explore the smaller towns throughout this region.  Many of these towns are 'bedroom' communities which you may not hear to much about. It is the local people of each community which create the personality of each town.  Each of these communities have their own festivities and celebrations.  Not long ago I was able to explore the north bay community, Tiburon. 

 It is surprising that Tiburon is not as well known as its neighbor, Sausalito.  Yet, it is a place where you may enjoy the incredible views of the city of San Francisco and the bay.  It is fun to step into their neighborhood and explore how they celebrate in their neighborhoods. 

Tiburon ~ I became familiar with this town as a place to catch the ferry over to Angel Island to go hiking.  While you are waiting, you may get a great cup of coffee at Caffe Acri.  There are two ways of getting to Tiburon, by car or by some type of water vessel.


Think how fun it is to pull up in your sail boat at the dock and then go have a delicious lunch or dinner.  Or, if you don't own a sail boat, catch a ferry, and get away from the city for a day.

I happen to be able to explore during Tiburon's Friday Nights on Main. They also have an Art Festival on August 28-29.  Main Street is blocked off and there is music and family friendly activities available to everyone.


 We had dinner & drinks at the well known Sam's Anchor Cafe. I had the sauteed garlic prawns which was delicious. (Excuse me, I didn't get a picture of the my entree. I suppose I was just too hungry at this point!) Sam's Burger is great for lunch. And, don't forget about their drinks.  A tour professional colleague recommended their ramoz fizz.

A recommendation is to stay a day or two at a favorite hotel, the Waters Edge Hotel. It is managed by the familiar Joie De Vivre management group.   

  Other things you will find around town and in the area are: 
  • Railroad-Ferry Depot Museum
  • Wine tasting at Windsor Vineyards which is in downtown Tiburon (of course I naturally found a place for wine tasting) 
  • Hiking at Tiburon Uplands Nature Preserve (remember you may go also over to Angel Island for hiking, biking, and segway tours)   

I don't know ~ is it best to live IN San Francisco or with a view of San Francisco?  Where would you live? Tell us?

Condos with a million dollar view!

Just another one of those fun trips ~ it is fun to get out of your own neighborhood. 

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UPDATE: for the Birth of Impressionism Exhibit in San Francisco

UPDATE:  This amazing art exhibit is attracting quite a large number of people now ~ especially on weekends this month (August).  It is worthwhile to see.  Perhaps you may plan to go during the middle of the week (go ahead and take that vacation day, you deserve it)! 

Another option is to visit another similar exhibit which is at the Legion of Honor.  Details/dates may be found at the original blog post - Click on the title of this post to read. Plus, remember there will be another exhibit arriving when this one leaves ~ in September. 

The audio is very worth the extra cost by the way ~ as you listen about each painting.  

Thank you to my network of tour professionals to let us know about the crowds on weekends right now. 

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