Friday, May 29, 2009

Susan Boyle, I like your singing

I like Susan Boyle's singing. I support her. I know, this is a individual blog out of zillions of blogs and Susan may never read this particular blog, I need to write this today.

From what I gather of recent reading, "Britain's Got Talent" is a show for anyone to tryout. These people have 3 performances to win votes. I am a fan of American Idol, these singers have several weeks to transition into being a favorite. This is a big difference in a transition. Professional musicians and singers have other professionals to assist them and even use taped performances during live appearances. And, for a performer to know how to adjust and get back on track during a performance, is definite talent.

Simon, of "Britain's Got Talent" said in the introduction tape of Susan at the semi-finals, "I would not want to be in Susan Boyle's shoes right now, getting ready to perform before the whole world." I agree with you Simon. I'd be p .... ing in my pants (grinning).

Susan Boyle is indeed an inspiration to the world (thank you Piers for this comment), when the world needed something.

I have said it in my articles - it is about "regular local people" doing what they love to do. And, it is these local people that keep going and do what it is they do, across the world, that keeps the world moving.

Susan Boyle, I only wish I might be there in person to see this performance - like I watch my favorite Rock n Roll band at the local Street Dance.

Yes, this is one person in California, writing a blog, about another person, Susan Boyle, wishing her good luck. We may never meet in person, I send millions of vibes across the ocean to support Susan!

From California USA to United Kingdom ~ good luck!

The Fun Tour Guru - Remember, go down the path you didn't expect to go down and enjoy the discovery!

(Of course, only positive comments are welcome for Susan and posted.) It is my blog afterall!

Here it is .... Britain's Got Talent

It is amazing that we may be able to share globally talent. Congrats Diversity and to all of the finalists! Thank you Britain's Got Talent - maybe next year I might get a ticket?

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