Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wine Country Tours

I am asked questions, "Am I a wine country expert?" Admittedly, I never considered myself to be an expert. I have absorbed much of this information about wines and stories of wineries through arranging the many local wine country tours. Wine tasting is very much an individual experience and everyone always has their own comments. I just listen to everyone.

I enjoy the wine stories and letting everyone - whether novice or experts - have an experience of their own. Some of these groups have been quite lively(almost) party groups, and other trips have been focused on the quality and processes of wine tasting.

Where I may not actually plan the solitary wine tasting trip currently, each trip I do plan will discover one piece of wine country in the regions we do go to now. I have been told by participants that a person does not necessarily have to be a "wine lover" to enjoy wine tasting. There is many other elements to enjoy. How many wineries have you forgotten after visiting several in one day?

I guess you might say, one gets acquainted and as has conversations with people of the local community with these experiences. A new favorite wine country now, is not actually that new. Hermann, MO Wine Country trail near Hermann MO began in the 1800's and still is prominent. It has better value for trips right now for people to experience. Do you know the connection this Wine Country has to Napa Valley?

Why and when do you enjoy a glass of wine? Make tasting an experience, whether it is in the evening or on a trip.

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