Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Way to Save Money on Vacation Trips

One way I save money on my vacation trips is that I like to be conservative with my souvenir purchases. This does not mean that I need to stay away from shopping. Nor, does this mean that I need to stay out of the high-end retail stores.

When I travel, I look for smaller items like charms to purchase which I may bring home and make some type of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, clothing pins, or key chains. This might be for my own souvenirs, or I will make gifts for family and friends.

Charms are less expensive to purchase than the actual larger piece of jewelry item and you may decide what you actually want to use them for after you arrive home from your vacation trip. These charms are small, and do not take up much space in your travel bags – either checked or carry-on bags. You may wrap them and insert them in your personal bag (cosmetics for women, shaving/personal needs for men).

It is fun to wear them in numerous different forms which you personally make. Yes, men might use on tie clips or key chains or with their cell phone carriers. And, it is definitely a way to start a conversation and talk about the great trip you took when you go to social events if you are shy. I discovered other people like to talk about these same trip stories which I take; even though they did not go with me.

After you get home, locate a favorite Bead Shop in your city and explore what they have available for you to make gifts. These may be very simple, by simply adding the earring hooks for pierced ear rings, or for more creative types, adding other charms and beads to what you are creating.

I have a set of sterling silver "royal coronation crown" earrings and "royal jewels chest" necklace (they are replicas) that I purchased at Harrods Department Store in London. I always smile when I wear them, remembering my escorted tour through England and Scotland. And, it was very affordable to purchase, easy to make.

Remember, you do not have to spend a large quantity of money while shopping on vacation!

Be safe on your vacation trips this year, and remember to turn down that street that is not on your plan, to make a new discovery. ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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