Friday, November 6, 2009

Tips to Remember with Your Travels

Paradise, right in our backyards!  A great weekend away! 
In Arizona, call to reserve. 
Returning to the 10 commandments series which is actually taken from a book, “Great Travel Quotes” published by a former Book, Maps, & More store, Phileas Fogg’s, and favorite store of mine to simply walk around, browse and attend book lectures.  If you live on the San Francisco bay peninsula, you may remember this store.

The fifth commandment for All Travelers:

“Thou shalt not judge all people of a country by one person with whom thou hast had a problem.”

This commandment really stands on it own.  Maybe a smile wasn’t used when asking for something. Remember, local people across the world all have their reasons why they do what they are doing.

Think about the diverse group of people living in the USA alone, and then across the world.  Get to know these people on a different level.  And of course, find out first, why we all have found the best method (which works for us) for doing things. 

An undiscovered treasure is to learn about the local people on our travels, and how they do things, within our own country as will as other countries.

A Smile helps much, when speaking with people!  ~ The FunTourGuru


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