Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greeting 2010 with Fun Traveler Trips & Adventures

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Tenth Commandment for All Travelers

X. Bless thy travel agent for he worketh hard in thy behalf and deserveth.

Some might call this conclusion a self-promotion, think seriously about why you will use a Travel/Tour Industry Professional to help this year? Sure, you may click online and find a really good, cheap air price or hotel accommodation room rate, you know the ‘rest of the story’ as the radio personality Paul Harvey says.

All of the Ten Commandments I went through (2009 stories) are really good and sound advice when you are traveling and are from the Great Travel Quotes book, Phileas Fogg's, Books, Maps, & More store. (The store is closed now). 

This is an honest and safe blog to share your own stories of what you recently did with us, whether it is locally or afar. Or, if you are on Facebook, 'fan' us (see our side bar) and start talking with us. Are you a tweeter? Follow us.  Engage. Chat. We listen.

Our group is steadily growing with serious adventurers.  There are many destination blogs - not so many places for serious travelers to share with one another that are not commercial.
You do have to take the chance.  Comment.

Remember even local trips like checking your business mailbox, filling up your car with gas (hopefully this will soon transition into plugging your car into an electric outlet), and going to the grocery store may transition into a fascinating story.

I recently stopped, parked, and gazed at a rainbow in the sky while on a local trip to the post office. This is something I would not have seen while typing at the computer.

Another trip I made was to my local university/college for a short walk around the campus, bought a juice/coffee at their café and talked with students.

Did you stop and walk outside to see the blue moon at midnight Thursday night (New Year's Eve)?

I look forward to the upswing in 2010, follow me on many really fun adventures together this year. Engage with us! Comment!

If I am not posting or writing, 
I am traveling! ~~ The Funtourguru

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