Thursday, August 12, 2010

America's Best Rose Garden is Now in San Jose, CA

I wrote a travel article for of the different historic mansions and gardens located on the San Francisco peninsula and south bay for travelers to visit.  In the article, I mentioned one must see garden was the San Jose Municipal Garden, which is an actual tour stop on my group tours of San Jose.

Today, the fabulous news was announced that this Rose Garden was awarded America's Best Rose Garden by All-America Rose Selections (AARS).  Thank you to the community work and support of over 3,000 volunteers to make this happen.  The garden has always been an amazing place - now is a definite place to stop and enjoy the roses!

Shared from YouTube: San Jose, CA June 11 2010. Friends Of The San Jose Rose Garden in partnership with Hands Bay Area and Google volunteer to perform maintenance on The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Music Brahms, Symphony No.1 C Minor
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

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  1. Thanks! At Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden we are very proud of the 3,000 volunteers from all over the Bay Area and beyond who have helped transform this historic landmark park into a national treasure. See more at

    All the Best,
    Beverly Rose Hopper
    Co-Founder, Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden

  2. Thank you Beverly ~ for such an amazing place. It is great to share wonderful news like this with everyone.


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