Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NEW! Silicon Valley – San Jose, CA – E-Guides For Travelers

Our new Silicon Valley – San Jose E-Guide is now available.  It’s a handy pocket guide filled with all the information travelers are looking for:  “How do I get around?  What is there to see?”  It’s a fantastic value at only $5.00 and it’s available for downloading now!

This Silicon Valley E-Guide is in PDF format. Travelers may print, fold lengthwise like a map, and carry it with them as they explore all that Silicon Valley has to offer. The document answers travelers’ questions about our region and includes Tourist Tips, Helpful Hints, and Insider Information – all in one place!  Plus, people may take the document with them in case they have questions DURING their day trips.

To purchase, simply click on the “Buy Now” button on the right side of our blog and start exploring today!

About the Contributors: 

The Region/City E-Guides are prepared by Donna West and Karen Kelly, both active travelers who love creating unique experiences.

While there’s lots of travel information available, visitors (or even locals) may find they need to purchase two or three travel guides or search numerous sites on the internet to get all the information they’re looking for (and internet access may not always be available during their trip.)  Donna and Karen compiled the answers to commonly asked questions to get the traveler off the internet and out exploring!
Karen Kelly

They would welcome any questions about the Silicon Valley – San Jose E-Guide specifically, or any questions and/or requests for future E-guides. 

Donna West

Next Up…the San Francisco E-guide.  Check back soon!

Where would YOU like to go? 
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PS Our E-Guide is also available on Lighthouse Travel & Tours local page

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