Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update: Historical Attraction in San Jose, CA -Temporary Closure - Dec 2010

For my readers, if you planned to visit this Silicon Valley historic gem, Casa Grande, in New Almaden, San Jose, CA, over the December holidays, pay attention.   It is temporarily closed.  

(I might add this is fuel for reading my blog) as sometimes the local visitors and tourism information centers in communities may now be closed over holidays and even smart phone apps are not updated fast enough to let people know decisions such as these temporary challenges. Who do you ask for updates?

Casa Grande, New Almaden - San Jose CA

What happened was that I saw the announcement for the private re-opening of Casa Grande in November.  When I did a quick search, I found the listing of their intended Yuletide Festivities in December on local event websites. When I drove out to see it, Casa Grande was not open.

Please postpone your day trips this month if you are going. When I called, I discovered the unfortunate news that Casa Grande was not able to open as planned because of additional maintenance - December 2010.  They are targeted to open to the public in mid-January 2011. Again please call to verify. It is definitely worth a visit ~ so keep this on your list.

The restaurant I mentioned in my earlier article, La Foret Restaurant, New Almaden, is open for lunch until 2:00 p.m. and dinner during December.  And, open for dinner on Christmas day.  Always be sure to plan ahead and make reservations.  

Quick updates from someone you trust ~ and more fun December stories coming ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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