Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who's Buying What? as Silicon Valley Changes

Image by writer, Flynnies
Is Silicon Valley transitioning back to Apples?  

I just read this intriguing report that the deed was signed in Santa Clara County where Apple Computer purchased the HP 100-acre campus in Cupertino.  This confirms as to why HP made a previous announcement to consolidate operations in their Palo Alto headquarters.

Now I am not the expert, trends seem to be in favor of apples and electric cars these days – as I think about the old GM plant purchase by Tesla. This is good news to keep up with, although still ends with conservative note as companies are recovering from prior demand losses. 
Electric cars in USA? Yes.

What is else new on the horizon?  Our streets throughout this south bay region are forever changing and we find new discoveries because buildings change their signs overnight – this is what keeps innovation exciting and fresh on our streets.   With this, Silicon Valley and San Francisco  corporate meetings are on a rise again.

What do you think about the trends?

~ Latest thoughts around Silicon Valley from the Fun Tour Guru

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