Thursday, June 23, 2011

San Francisco Cable Cars Update

Are you visiting San Francisco during Fourth of July?  Things do change. Don't forget to verify details - before your trips.  

Remember, there will be a price increase on July 1, 2011.  Cable Car tickets are increasing by $1.
A Quick Update About the Cable Cars in San Francisco

Effective July 1, 2011, one-way fares on the cars are increasing to $6 (currently $5).  I am surprised that people don't realize these tickets are one-way only. You are not able to get off and get back on the Cable Cars.

If you will be out and about the city during the day, I recommend purchasing an all-day pass (which is $14 on July 1) which allows you to ride more than one cable car vehicle, transferring between a Powell line and the California Line, as well as riding other Muni vehicles. 

This price increase information is a bit of challenge to find as it takes several clicks once you find the website.  Thank you to connections from the professional tour guides from San Francisco Tour Guide Guild for communicating this.

Did you know that an estimated 8 million people ride the historic Cable Cars each year, per MUNI, San Francisco's transist operator?

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency - Price increase  

Insider Tips

And, don't forget my article about visiting the Cable Car Museum this year. Best way to get there?  Of course, you gotta ride the cable cars! Because parking is non-existent in this area.  

Insider Favorite Tip: Adults only, should there be a long line at the Cable Car turnaround, cross the street and order one world famous Irish Coffee at Buena Vista! (orange letters of sign in image) Nice to keep warm on the cool, foggy summer days.

Cable Cars and the Buena Vista - 2 more of my San Francisco favorites! Image by DW

Have a fun and safe journey!  The Fun Tour Guru


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