Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is there to do at Palace of Fine Arts, Marina District, San Francisco

In San Francisco, I drove to another favorite spot away from traffic.  Admittedly, I find these places as I try to avoid some of the San Francisco hills when I drive my standard shift car using a clutch.  Driving these hills is not always easy for me. 

So I found how to drive around some of the steepest places.  By the Marina, an area where the tour buses cannot go –  there were more amazing views of the bay. But wait, don't forget to turn around. You'll see another San Francisco attraction, the Palace of Fine Arts, rising above the homes.  

The Marina District was created from landfill for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.  Today, this area between Fort Mason and the Presidio, you will find these Mediterranean rival homes. And, a leisure place for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. 

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts from the Marina

We now enjoy the 2010 restoration of the Palace of Fine Arts.  This is the only remaining building from 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, when San Francisco celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal after recovering from the 1906 earthquake. San Francisco kept this favorite building after the fair, which was originally designed to look like a Roman ruin. 

Yes, another view of the Golden Gate Bridge by the Yacht Harbor

I enjoy walking and sitting by the lagoon at the Palace. A couple of things you might find interesting to do.
A fun, geeky attraction (found at Pier 15 now) for the entire family is the Exploratorium. I have been and found that you will stay the entire day exploring. The science and technology museum is where over 500,000 visitors each year explore the hands-on exhibits. Visitor information may be found at the website.

Don't forget you may attend events at the Palace of Fine Arts TheatreFind information about different events and tickets, prices, and dates at their website.  

 Insider secrets:

Have you found the miniature replica of the Palace of Fine Arts, as a symbol of San Francisco, located in Disney’s California Adventure?

And, did you know a 1976 presidential debate between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford was held at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre?

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Just another day finding things to explore!  
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