Thursday, March 29, 2012

Using Social Media - Lessons to Learn

Thursday Thoughts, a lighter side ~ Engage and Have Fun with Social Media

(Harry, lounging in his easy chair with his feet propped up, is deep in thought and dreaming of going to lands far,  far away as he is browsing page after page of the internet travel blogs, travel magazines, and online travel ads)

"Maude, I just found a excellent trip for a really great value for us to take this summer; cruising down the Danube through Germany. Shall we reserve?" 

(Maude, active absorbed in her own Facebook strategy she just learned)

Image - DW

"Hey Harry, I think I have this Facebook thing finally figured out!"  

"Okay Maude, when do you want to teach me how to set up my page?"

"Well, I am not sure when I will have time to teach you or take a vacation because this is keeping me pretty busy right now."

"It is full time work! Every time one of my 500 friends I have found has a birthday, I go to our local store, buy a birthday card for them; and then go to the post office to get stamps and mail the card to them!   Whew! Happy Birthday"

Image by
Adriano Gasparri – Creative Commons
 Finding Ways of Keeping it Social, 
     and good for the economy too......... The Fun Tour Guru 

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