Monday, May 7, 2012

Facebook, the Talk of Silicon Valley this Month

With the news of Facebook and their IPO this month (May 2012), I thought I would stray off the beaten path and share with you a couple of pictures of the new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.  It is located midway on the peninsula of San Francisco bay area - easy access from Highway 101.

Of course, I couldn't get in. Oh darn, and Mr Zuckerberg was in New York today so there was not any chance for interviews with him.  

Do you think Facebook might swap a picture for a share of stock? 

Facebook Campus, Silicon Valley, Bike & Walk Friendly

I did find a July 22, 2010 Mashable article

  • Don't feel intimidated by other people with 500 friends or the 845 million active users on the site, up on Facebook, this article mentions the "average Facebook user has 130 friends." So most of us are right on with the number of friends in our networks.  Afterall, you do want to be able to spend time with conversations, right?  
  • People ask me about the meaning of "Poke?" This tool has never been defined and is there just to have fun with. Use your own imagination.  
  • Did you know, as far as Facebook goes, California (home of Silicon Valley) is the most social state, with an amazing 15,267,160 users in the region, according to Facebakers in this article.  What does this really say about those of us in California? I know I will hear from some of my global friends about this statistic - as I always do. 
(Now, may I add some self promotion) May I get your help to get to 100 fans ~ will you LIKE my Facebook page?  

Going off the beaten path in Silicon Valley - another technology business icon ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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