Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun Local Sidewalk Cafes

Where am I?  

Somewhere in Europe? San Francisco? San Jose?

I  found some fun, new sidewalk cafes this past week that I to go back to. 

Grab a cup of coffee, delicious pastry or pretzel, sandwich, quiche, or salad and take it outside, relax and write.  I am a people-watcher - this is a unusual path in this downtown area close to a university to do just this.  A laid back area to have short meetings - getting out of the office. 

Hint, the owners of this first pastry sidewalk cafe, La Lune Suerte, are European.  And, you see the gate post of our local university in the background.

Sidewalk Cafes Scenes
Where am I?

Something fun this week ~ enjoying the summer sun! ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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