Sunday, May 26, 2013

Santa Clara CA University Graduation Event on Memoral Day Weekend

Remember these great finds close to home

I enjoy walking around one of my favorite universities, Santa Clara University, because of the beautiful Mission which is located on the university grounds.  Santa Clara University is one of the oldest "private universities" in California. Many times I get to see the set up or break down of weddings and events held over summer weekends.

This weekend (2013) I saw this behind-the-scenes set up of the Santa Clara University Law School Graduation which took place yesterday.  I don't know any of these graduates personally, I still pause as I know this is an accomplishment for our students.

I looked down the rows of empty seats and my thoughts went to the celebrations taking place with each graduate and their family and friends taking place this weekend. I remember my own graduation celebration with my family ... I didn't know what I would do after that one day, there was the dream of what might be possible...

The green lawn was covered with hundreds of perfect aligned white chairs on both sides of the stage waiting for their arrivals the next day and uniquely placed around the palm trees throughout the area. 

I talked with the kind, friendly security officer, who let me wander a bit behind the closed off areas and on the stage.  

Happy Memorial Day! So much has happened this past year ~ throughout our own country and world, how may we help each other? ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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