Monday, July 20, 2015

Berlin, Germany and the Berlin Bears

Even the Berlin Bears need rain gear! 

I love stuff Teddy Bears and I connected with this Bear when I was in Berlin on my Germany trip.  He is not far away from Brandenburg GateAs ambassadors, Bears promote tolerance and living together in peace all over the world now. 

Even the Berlin Bears need rain gear!

"The bear has become the symbol of Berlin. Especially the Berlin Buddy Bears. People find all over Berlin. Buddy Bears are  colorful, cheerful bears with their arms stretched up high. They have become Berlin's symbol for tolerance and "Weltoffenheit" (world openness)." description from Wikipedia

With the Buddy Bears, the centuries-old heraldic animal of Berlin took on a new shape and adopted a new role: The bears are a cheerful welcome for Berliners and their guests as well as ambassadors promoting tolerance and living together in peace all over the world.

Additional historic information is found at The Bear - the Symbol of Berlin.

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