Friday, January 21, 2011

ENIAC Computer and the Six Women Contributors Story

I shared on Twitter an article I wrote about the six women contributors with the ENIAC Computer which was published on June 2009, with  This is one the first computers in the early 1900s during the world war.  From requests I received about this fascinating story - I am now sharing the 2008 video – with Jean Bartik in conversation (not with me, another person) and honored for this contribution.

This event took place in Mountain View at our fantastic (and recently renovated) Computer History Museum.  A lengthy yet excellent video. The item that drew my attention before the event is that Jean and I graduated from the same university, Northwest Missouri State University. Great story!  I did stay and talked with her afterwards and received her autograph.

I know this is a past event ~ a definite must save! 

Oh, and my 2 second You Tube fame, fast forward towards the end, you'll see me in the standing ovation audience. Lower right corner, black jacket, blonde hair.

I did write a post and included the abstract in 2008 of the event as well.  

Silicon Valley is amazing ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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