Saturday, November 5, 2011

Architecture & Artwork, Santana Row, San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley)

Look closely at the details. What do you see in these two pictures? They were taken in one of our favorite San Jose, CA modern, upscale hangouts and shopping neighborhoods, Santana Row.  Sometimes we need to stop, look and admire the beauty during our shopping. 

Today's Travel Tip:  Look up!  on our local streets.

Would you like to go on a walking tour with me?   Food and wine tastes, art, and stories... this is what I look for.  How about you?

Garlic embedded on new buildings - Valley of Hearts Delight, San Jose CA History

Look up and find these 'Shapes of Moons' Art Work

Out and around ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

Both pictures taken by me, a few years a part. One is a from film, the other digital.   

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