Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Silicon Valley Story: Includes Traffic, LinkedIn Buildings

When I am in traffic on Highway 101 (the San Francisco bay area inner freeway) I find myself fighting my negative thoughts of traffic that I face.    I really do love this region – even with moments like this – laughing, I am repeating this out loud over and over until the traffic clears up.  

I remember something I read from an entrepreneur blog  this morning  - even though Silicon Valley is an open place to share – there are certain ideas we embrace that are found and shared only by the token (millions) few who live here.

I have not been as active writing – I am active gathering more stories.  I did want to share my new addition – I was grateful to attend a meeting on LinkedIn campus.  They have their branding present on the main building now.   The last picture I took in 2011 was of their front sign only. They now have their sign on the building. The professional place where people connect and link in to each other online. One of our favorites companies right now...

I finish my inbound trips returning to Silicon Valley by reading the following paragraph from

Mary Bowden Carroll “Ten Years in Paradise” (1903) :

Silicon Valley is a place of legend and hyperbole. Promoters have lauded it as “the center of a progressive force for global change" through technology. Social activists claim it to be “a place of warped and unrealistic financial expectations - where success is measured in terms of dollars, not personal happiness.” 

For most of its residents Silicon Valley is simply an exciting and challenging place to work and live surrounded by spectacular scenery with an unbeatable climate. They just have to share these considerable benefits with a large number of fellow residents, all of whom seem to want to travel on the same freeway at the same time.

Silicon Valley spills into Santa Cruz to San Francisco and beyond even to Sacramento~ sharing our story ~  The Fun Tour Guru

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