Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Friday Foto - Linked In, a Silicon Valley Company

Fun Friday Foto

It was fun to snap this picture yesterday and share from Mountain View, CA. These are favorite Silicon Valley companies.  This particular company has been in the news quite a bit because of their recent IPO (update) and now with the Microsoft acquisition.  I access their network everyday, I don't really think about the several office building locations.  

This article by Sharon Machlis is an interesting comparison of three famous Silicon Valley companies. Of the sizzling three, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter – 2 of the companies located 10 miles of each other (Mountain View and Palo Alto) and with Twitter is in San Francisco.  I agree with how Machlis summarizes each. 

I admit, I am an early user with some success of all three networks, as each company started. Am I amazed all 3 are super star businesses now?  How will they evolve? As these networks seem to be over crowded now, I search for the next rising star.

Linked In is located only 2-3 miles away from the Google campus.  Don't forget the growing Apple Computer, although much, much older in years, is nearby in Cupertino, 15 miles south.

As I mentioned many times, Silicon Valley is consistently changing, and you may this as soon as overnight when you drive by and see a temporary cover over a company sign because of an acquisition.

This is Silicon Valley!  

Linked in, less than 5 miles from Google campus, 10 miles from Facebook

How do you use each of these social networking companies?

What is the new rising star now? Chat with us below in the comments. 

Out and about, Silicon Valley ~~~ The Fun Tour Guru

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