Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Santa Clara CA: INSIDE Levi's Stadium at 49ers Fan Fest

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I am excited about the opening of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. If you have been following me, you know I wrote this story with several pictures of the stadium building in progress.  

I am inside!  Wowza!

I was one of the lucky winners to go to the Fan Fest on Friday evening, August 15, along with about 10,000 people to get a sneak preview and watch the 49ers practice during training camp. 

'Santa Clara Day'

Thank you to Levi’s Stadium, 49ers, and Santa Clara! I am sure the actual game experience is fantastic, to be a part of the Training Camp practice up close and see the players and coaches in their new digs is exceptional too.

It has been a fun adventure to watch the creation of this attraction which is less than 10 miles from where I reside this past couple of years.  
Will this be the FIN of my story or is it the beginning? 

It is a  fabulous experience inside the stadium (as promised) and very spacious (if you remember walking around Candlestick).  It is interesting to read what other fans are saying throughout this first football weekend when playing the Broncos.  

My tip for fans:  Yes, remember we are in the Southbay.  It is much warmer here than it is in San Francisco. Be sure to wear sun screen protection, sunglasses, hats, and bring/buy water.  

 It is all about the food experience today!


 Coach Harbaugh, time out for an autograph for a contest winner!

 Of course Intel is inside!  What do you expect from Silicon Valley?

  49ers accept the ALS ice water bucket challenge:



Do you recognize Gore?
Name the players?  I'll start with Kap.

You may get a better view of these pictures from my Flickr album. Pictures are candid, in the moment, AS A FAN! 

Yep, our Levi's Stadium is a big deal in Santa Clara! ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

Tag the players you recognize in your comments!

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