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Santa Clara CA: Levi's Stadium, New Home of 49ers and Superbowl 50

A "super" size big deal. In Santa Clara, CA. 

I watched the live stream where the NFL voted in the first round to have Superbowl 50 (in the year 2016) in our new Santa Clara Levi's Stadium. And, with a tweet of this. Wow, this is my neighborhood.  It is great to be a part of history-in-the-making.  

You may read the official news, facts, and figures on our City of Santa Clara website and there is even a live view web cam of the building activity available.  Our Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau website has a Superbowl 50 link with the latest news on hashtag #SCSuperbowl and the stadium building activity live view web cam link too.  

I watched this monster building activity growing the past couple of years as I drive by every week.  The following pictures I have are real, and not just from an architect drawing.  I took the pictures on the day after the Superbowl 50 announcement. May 2013

Santa Clara CA Levi Stadium Courtesy DWest All Rights.
Santa Clara CA Levi Stadium, New Home of 49ers and Superbowl 50

Above, you are looking east towards the Diablo Range and Mt Hamilton (San Francisco bay area highest peak) and our City of San Jose, or what we call the Capital of Silicon Valley today.   

Santa Clara CA Levi Stadium Courtesy of D West All Rights.
Santa Clara CA Levi Stadium - New Home of the 49ers and Superbowl 50
Above, I was standing in our Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club parking lot, golf course behind me,  which is (approx) north of the stadium.  The 49er Headquarters is to the left of the stadium.

Santa Clara CA Levi Stadium Courtesy of D WEst
Close Up of Santa Clara Stadium - End View Courtesy of DWest

Above picture, close up of our new stadium.  Santa Clara CA

City of Santa Clara parking, courtesy of D West

Above, Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club is on the right side and our new parking facility is straight ahead, following the palm trees.  Our convention center is tucked away behind the parking facility.  The other high rise building in the distance is the Westin Santa Clara. Behind this, continue to the local towns of Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

Great America Amusement Courtesy D West
California's Great America Amusement Park, Santa Clara CA - Courtesy D West

The above picture, I turned slightly around without moving my feet, to my right, after taking the very first picture.  California's Great America Amusement Park.  You are able to see the top of the roller coasters and the pointed roof of the Carousel.  

Santa Clara CA Courtesy DWest
49ers Headquarters, Santa Clara CA, Before the new stadium Courtesy DWest

It is a big deal. Superbowl 50 in Santa Clara ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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