Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Do You Spend Free Time in Rome, Italia?

Day One of the Trip

When I first get to a new city, I am all eyes and ears as I survey my every bit of surroundings even on the first ride (my transfer) from the airport to my hotel. If the trip is a repeat visit, I still use this ride as I look for any changes to the area.

The shared rides with other visiting tourists on our shuttle driving into the city of Rome give me a chance to see famous sites like the Vatican and the Colosseum as we drive around to 3 or 4 other hotels in Rome to drop off the other visitors. And, I find that drivers and passengers love to share fun, personal stories of their region with visitors.

Just another sunset in Rome
Hotel Arrival

One of my favorite times on each trip is right after I check into the hotel and get settled into my room, I have some free time. This is my time when I can explore my surroundings at my own pace.  

My advice is to match your own special personal hobby or interest to explore these immediate surroundings on trips.    Perhaps you like going for a short run, jog, or power walk; use this time spotting stores, restaurants, and attractions to return to later.

Can you see the Colosseum?
In Rome, I made it to our hotel near the Rome Rail Station just as the rest of my group was heading out for their afternoon excursion. 

Even though I was tired from the long flight, I wasn't ready to retire for evening yet and because my room did not have a view, I grabbed my day pack and set off on my journey. 

Inside the Hotel

This time I did not have to go too far.  We were staying at a fun, older European hotel property with smaller size elevators and many crooks and crannies for me to wander around the halls. It reminded me of a mini palace. A word of caution, sometimes you might get some odd stares from the hotel employees, or they may even ask you if you need help. Just smile back and tell them you are on a scavenger hunt.  

My Prize in Rome

I found their small rooftop terrace restaurant and bar where I spent the rest of the evening.  It was a great place to relax and I talked with other travelers about where they were headed to. I enjoyed a tasty bite and refreshing drink sitting out in the fresh air on their intimate patio. 

The best prize was the wonderful view overlooking Rome and watching the sunset.  This view also helped me get acquainted of where I was in the city to line up activity highlights later.   

How do you combine your personal interests to get acquainted with new regions on day one of your trip?  Talk to us below in the comments!

~ The Fun Tour Guru

This story is to encourage and help travelers to try unusual ideas in their travels. Details of actual accommodations were left out on purpose.  Sign up for our newsletter with your contact information for specific accommodation details.

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