Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Venice, Italy Gondola Ride Experience on Vacation

I like to see new regions with other people.  Yes, I am independent – I still enjoy going on escorted group tours too. Riding the Gondolas in Venice with one of my tour groups is one memory I won’t forget. This is something I don’t believe I would be able to create on my own. 

Gondolas + Venice = Fun Images Courtesy of DWest

Venice, Italy Gondola Experience

Our group was ready for the long, easy walk which allowed us to stretch our legs as we proceeded from our motor coach to along the side the water canals.  We followed our tour director past other long lines to our service area where we found our own reserved gondolas waiting for us.  

Service Areas - Gondolas

I realized the gondolier is very skilled in steering these little gems as I watched them carefully helping everyone get on board and telling them where to sit. 

As we departed the service area, of course we were snapping pictures of each other in our small group made up of five or six gondolas as we glided along the narrow, secluded waterways and then -------->

(drum-rolls) WOW!  when we turned into the main presentation of the Grand Canal of Venice! Double WOW!

Sipping Champagne on Gondolas, Venice, Italy

Our group helped each other not miss things by sharing and pointing out unusual sightings of houses, churches, and palaces along our way while sipping our champagne.  Even rain didn’t spoil our spirits during our serenade.  

Umbrellas Up Venice, Italy

We were prepared with our “umbrellas up” as we listened to our Italian singer and musicians.  Our contagious smiles were infectious to strangers watching us as we got off and started on our next walking tour discovering Venice following our tour director.  How cool is this? 

Italian Serenade

Tell us how your Gondola experience was? 

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  1. Congrats for this unforgettable cultural experience. It was a good choice!

  2. Thank you. Yes, the Venice canals are always amazing to explore. Pictures are fun, it is best to explore in person.


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