Sunday, October 14, 2007

Off the beaten path locally...... find out now!

Click below to the link of the latest free issue from the Silicon Valley Concierge Assoication.

"Off the Beaten Path" article features a tree (yes, a tree) over a 1,000 years old in the heart of Silicon Valley. Wow! Where is it?

And, for anyone who is fascinated with it, a link to learn more of saving our very own Hangar One at Moffett Field is included. Let's save some of our Silicon Valley history! Again, this is free, join now and help save history in this local area.
or, and click on valley access......

Do you enjoy these informative items of what is happening in the south bay of the San Franicisco Bay area? Join the SVCA. Affordable and great group to get acquainted with.