Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dresden's Christstollen Bakery in Germany

Be sure to save your dollars and visit Dresden, Germany around Christmas Holidays. There are so many fun activities to do in this city with holiday traditions that sits next to the Elbe River.

I will always remember relaxing and sipping freshly brewed hot tea with a plate of this delicious Stollen German bread (Christmas cake) in front me after our tour of the bakery.  My month still waters for the tastes of this baking tradition of Dresden's Christstollen. Yum!

Do you think this baker will miss one of the loaves behind him? 

This was a fun tour going inside this bakery (Bäckerei) of which our local guide translated the demonstration. 

Dresden's Christstollen Bäckerei Tour

Inside a Dresden Bakery

Dresden Baker and Local Guide who translated for us

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The holidays are here again - so many things to do around the world ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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