Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did You Know? San Jose, CA First Capital of California

Where is the Fun Tour Guru these days?  Always out gathering new stories off the beaten path of places, interesting people, and unusual businesses.  I have a keen insight to find that secret that others may miss.

Pardon the absence, I have to schedule time away periodically to gather this research to share with everyone.  Yep, I know, it is a tough life, someone has to do this. (says with a grin)

Today, the pictures-of-the-week are in San Jose, CA.  Many people think of Silicon Valley as the modern, up-to-date, technology center to work in.  Between the modern buildings, you will discover history dating back to 1700 and 1800.  Imagine walking down the muddy roads lined with adobe dwellings on each side.

People in early Santa Clara Valley raised cattle and grew crops to support the Spanish garrisons in San Francisco and Monterey.  Luis Maria Peralta was an important landowner and head of a large family.  The Peralta Adobe built in 1797 was owned by Peralta family until 1876.  San Jose was known as the Valley of Hearts Delight, an era of orchards and canneries, agriculture.

Perhaps the first entrepreneurs of California were because of the Gold Rush, with people finding innovative ways to supply the miners. Precursor of Silicon Valley entrepreneur spirit.  What is your favorite tale of this period? 

Peralta Adobe 1700, oldest dwelling in San Jose, CA with contrast of new high rise office buildings behind

Crown of Palms, tribute to San Jose, CA First  State Capital of California, 1800

"Center" of Crown of Palms, San Jose, CA

Stop reading that guidebook and go outside and find that special secret in your travels.  ~~ The Fun Tour Guru

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Los Angeles, California

A quick trip down the coast.  What is there to do while waiting for your shuttle?  Look around.

Bob Hope USO & Palm Trees? I must be in LA

View from my room
Well, we may not always get the view of the ocean - this is fun to see.~~ The Fun Tour Guru

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Picture of the Week, Santa Clara, CA

I hesitated to share this picture this week (wintertime) as I think about my many east coast friends and their challenges of the snow blizzards this week. I did add it to Lighthouse Travel facebook page (see, you need to follow me in all places) and received likes yesterday. 

This is a tribute to the east side of USA, Canada, and other places where you may be snowbound. I do understand, as I did live in those regions once upon a time.

I took the picture on 02/01/2010. Mission Santa Clara is an amazing sightseeing stop for visitors to Silicon Valley. It is also a place I go when I need a break to get away from the office.  

Mission Santa Clara

Take that break to refresh yourself!  The Fun Tour Guru

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