Friday, May 13, 2022

Ocean Energy, Surfers, Beach View, Lighthouse Love, Santa Cruz, CA

There is nothing more calming and centering than a ocean views and a beach state of mind.

“And the wind whispers, "Don't be afraid. I am here. Close your eyes, smell the salty air, and let the spirit of the ocean move you."

“There is nothing more calming and centering than an ocean view, bright sunshine and a gentle coastal breeze. A beach state of mind is the best state of mind."  

Wouldn't you agree?

Santa Cruz Surfers Lighthouse Calming Energy 

I celebrate my popular picture taken a couple years ago. 20k views since 2019, 99 downloads that I shared on another web page group.  Thank you. 

My offer  today is people may order this special treasure gift photography print for youself or a special person in your life to embrace this ocean energy and beach state of mind in your home every day. Share this special coastal place that I frequent each year. 

 Many thanks for sharing this  and supporting me as an independent small woman business locally in Santa Clara, CA. 

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I am grateful to share with you this piece of coastal living and ocean energy I experience.  

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Santa Cruz Surfer Lighthouse  is surrounded by hills of beauty that hikers enjoy, as well as water and beach activities.  It is also a spiritual and relaxing place to turn off the electronic devices, and enjoy mindful conversations with the the locals. ~ The Fun Tour Guru

Yes I am offering this special picture to purchase so you may enjoy this special ocean and beach energy vibe.  

Thank you - with gratitude and kindness. 

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