Friday, August 21, 2009

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Summer National Senior Games

The finale of the 2009 Summer National Senior Games in the San Francisco Bay Area is today, Aug 15. These have been fun experiences to work with these active, energetic, healthy athletes. I had the fabulous opportunity to work as a timer for men and women events with the Swimming competition, an "interpreter" (translate meters to feet for the athletes) in the women's shot put, and as a distance measurer in the men's shot put events with Track and Field.

It is each of these individual's stories that make the Games extraordinary. I am sharing images of the Women's Shot Put winners with their medals. Not only are the athletes remarkable, to work with the Officials that ran each individual sport was a great experience.

Make way for this new generation of Seniors as preparation for the next National Competition to in Houston is happening. A salute to all events and athletes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Simple Idea

I read many articles about lower revenues this year. Yet, as a consumer, I am paying the highest prices this year comparing to the last 20 years. This is not only describing the Travel Industry prices, this is healthcare, living accommodations (rents), phone bills, cars and gasoline prices, new cars, and groceries, etc.

I am signing up with low cost deals like using phone services that cost me less than $10 per month because of the high rent I pay out. There are companies that show increased profits this year with these low cost plans.

Perhaps, large corporations should take out out the old fashion chalk board and erase their old Financial Statements of last year completely. Throw away last year's Annual Earnings Statements.

Now, write down with a piece of chalk, new Financial Statements, without the history comparisons to this year. Create a focus of retaining customers they have had for many years (with lower discount plans). Be proactive with these customers, instead of harassing with a collections staff about old stuff. If one brings in $1 a day by retaining a customer, that is $365 each year. I would be agreeable to buying a service or product for $1.

This assists both the consumer and people selling the goods. Make selling easy. Is this not a easy concept to follow?

New conversations. Preparing for rebound. Change.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Summer National Senior Games

Catch the fun in the sun with the 2009 Summer National Senior Games at Stanford University with events from San Francisco to San Jose!

2009 Summer National Senior Games

Fun at the
2009 National Senior Games
in the San Francisco Bay Area

To be able to participate and be around these active, healthy athletes this summer is extraordinary. It is the individual stories of each of these athletes which are stimulating. And yes, right in our own backyard!