Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Street Art and Sweet Tea

Why is Street Art so Popular?

My recent research of downtown best practices provides the opportunity to appreciate local street art murals.  I plan my trips around visiting street art.  

I am grateful Santa Cruz, CA has many artist works around their community.  It was fun to explore the street artists on my past trip in Berlin, Germany. 

Every Picture Tells a Story

Street art is an important part of history and identity for many downtown's and sometimes even has the ability to breathe life into communities.  It is a mystery and expression of the community.   

Street art may tell the story of the local downtown community  

If time be sure to look up the artists and talk to them about their stories. People are becoming more open-minded to urban and street art and appreciating where this art form has come from. 

Please ask about virtual history walks and educational insights of Downtown Santa Clara, CA.  

What is the difference of Street Art and Public Art?  

I learned how street artists get inspiration from graffiti art. Every picture and artwork has a story to tell. This is a street art mural from my 2014 trip visiting Berlin, Germany.

Dive into the history behind street art, tracking the story from prehistoric cave paintings to the present day Black Lives Matters murals.  A virtual tour and field trip includes a look at the connection between street art, public art, and graffiti, and how street art connects with politics and social justice.

Berlin, Germany 2014 Courtesy of Meet Donna W

This is a Street Art mural in Downtown Santa Cruz I love driving past. 

Street Art, Santa Cruz, CA Courtesy of Meet Donna W

Every picture has a story to tell. It is about people seen, heard, and valued in local communities.   

Sincerely thank you. ~ The Fun Tour Guru

Pictures taken by Meet Donna W.  This is an link tour  purchase of our Virtual History Walks and Talks.  Please join me. 

If you want to dive deeper into street art, read Top 5 Reasons Street Art is Important.   I do not have a relationship with this blogger, I found it on Google as a anonymous source to share.