Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fun Activities on the Streets of San Francisco CA

Fun on the back streets of San Francisco: GoCars

Of course this day activity was on an unusual March day in San Francisco which included almost every type of weather - fog, rain, clouds, and even a touch of sun - within a duration of 2-3 hours.  We were lucky  to be without snow driving over the hills.  I believe these weather elements actually created our best memories!

This is an unusual way to explore the side streets away from the traffic after you take a sightseeing tour.  Driving solo is fun in these cars, going with a group on a GoCar tour with their guided GPS is extraordinary event with your  friends.  I was fortunate to have one of the company guides as my chauffeur as I listened to insights that made these events special and I was able to snap these pictures to share with everyone. 


It rained on us and

Of course we had a couple of cars stray away from the group - all people and cars found their way safely back to the garage.  


We went places where you don't always get to go on the back streets of San Francisco with our friends. 

Go Cars in San Francisco Courtesy of FunTourGuru

Go Car Tour in San Francisco Courtesy of FunTourGuru

Information on GoCar GPS-Guided Tours - this was a paid group activity. We make the arrangements with you. 

Stay tuned for more pictures, off the beaten path ~ The FunTourGuru 

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