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Unusual Christmas Festivities and Spirit in the Streets of Hamelin, Germany

I am sharing a special treat today from another traveler and author, Carrie Buchert, who shares her favorites off the beaten path discovering Christmas Festivities in the streets of this small town community, Hamelin, Germany, full of holiday spirit. 

Experience the Christmas Festivities and Spirit in the Streets of Germany 
By Carrie Buchert, Author 

The German Christmas markets are world renowned because of their dedication to authentic traditions and celebration. Commercialization has taken hold of the rest of the world but it seems that only in the traditional German Christmas markets can you step back in time and experience what Christmas used to be.

Hamelin is a small German town that’s nestled in the heart of the Weser Mountains. Its beauty and charm originally inspired the Brothers Grimm to write the tale of the Pied Piper and today that medieval spark remains with over 70 wooden huts clustered in the market around the Wedding House. This is the Old Quarter where restored timber houses and cobbled streets seem untouched by modern invention.

Image by Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V.  Germany National Tourist Board
This Christmas market experience is much smaller than those in Munich, Dresden, or Nuremberg because the town itself is more compact and serene. This means that visitors can have a more authentic experience and receive a little more attention than in the areas that entice more tourists. There’s only one Christmas market in Hamelin, compared to the 60 markets in Berlin, but this translates to less competition for pricing and more camaraderie between shops.

Hamelin stands out as hosting one of the most kid friendly Christmas markets across Germany, partly because of its size and location in a smaller, friendlier town. A live Nativity scene with real animals sits near a Christmas pyramid, though modest in size, and visitors are welcome to walk up to pet livestock and interact with the scene.

Image by: Dirk Topel Kommunikation GmbH, owned by
Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V

 Visitors should be sure to save room for dinner as they explore the market because there are snacks, desserts, and mouth-watering delicacies around every corner. One Hamelin vendor is famous for the open-pit roasted chestnuts and you simply cannot wander the market without a glass of mulled wine.


Thank you Carrie Buchert, for sharing your secrets of this special German community!  I have fun learning about how everyday is a holiday at Carrie's blog,   

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Are you ready for the crisp aroma of Glühwein while exploring these German tastes and festivities? 

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Thank you to the German National Tourist Board for permission to use these fun images from their excellent photographers for the German Christmas Markets.