Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bike Parking at Your Event (Santa Cruz, CA)

Bike Valet

Are these only in California at outdoor events?  It is typical to find around here and environment friendly.  This bike valet was spotted at an event in Santa Cruz.  A nice, organized set up to help out visitors, just sayin.... get some exercise, ride up to the event entrance, and park your bikes with a trusted source.

Have bike, will travel!  ~ The Fun Tour Guru 

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome Weekend - Santa Clara University

I strayed away from my normal activities yesterday, even skipping our Art & Wine Festival in Santa Clara (I know I can go today (Sunday) to watch my favorite band, Joe Sharino).  By doing this I stumbled upon the back-to-college weekend at Santa Clara University. I listened to the new Student Body President for 2011 and to President Michael Engh, President of Santa Clara University.

Santa Clara University President Welcomes Students

I was really taken in to watch over the heads of these 3,000 students with their families preparing to go through their world journey.  I know that graduation is a big deal and an accomplishment, I am glad I was able to see the fresh start, beginning journey of these students' yesterday.What lies ahead each of them?

Traveling?  Yes, people are now traveling to get situated in Universities across USA for the 8-9 months.  Congratulations to these students with their choices! And, good luck and enjoy your college years!

Bringing you news as we see it each day! ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Silence. Remembers September 11 in Silence.

Silence. September 11


A day to remember in silence. I will never have the memories and feelings of the people who were in the places of turmoil on this day. My heart connects to them in silence.

I remember the days of silence that followed without any activity - our skies were empty because air traffic was closed.  After I called my brother (and pilot) I went to sit in one of our local parks where I would watch planes take off and land from SJC (Mineta San Jose International Airport).  On 9/11/2001 and for several days after, no activity. Silence. 

I was at home that morning working on my computer when I saw news updates. I was in disbelief like everyone. 

I was in the midst of finalizing my plans for a trip to the Greek Islands departing on 9/14/2001. I had exchanged my currency, scheduled my airport shuttle, and started packing. The trip was canceled (because no planes flying) without refund. I still have not taken this one trip.

I have a New York City skyline postcard with the Twin Towers in the middle that was sent to me from my friend visiting New York City - a postmark of 8/22/2001 – it is framed, on my wall.

This is what I remember as I wake up today and listen to planes flying overhead and low today. A magnificent noise we sometimes take for granted.

A couple of years ago when I was showing our fabulous San Francisco to this friend (who sent the postcard), we found ourselves (without planning) in the middle of the Presidio cemetery overlooking the San Francisco bay. The day: September 11.  It is fascinating how we were automatically guided to this place to remember in silence. 

Presidio San Francisco September 11, 2009

I am grateful for the noise today.   

Remembers this day and the silence, always ~ The Fun Tour Guru

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sleeping Tips in Hotels

I enjoy your questions and conversations, please continue to comment either here, on my Facebook page, or by email.  I will share tips to help. 

Do You Sleep Well in Hotels?

My answer follows to one of the travel concerns people mention about how they are not able to sleep because of the external noise in hotels.  Now this may be from various reasons beyond a traveler’s control.  You are in an unfamiliar environment. There are several ways to overcome noise or sleepless nights as seen in the USA Travel Today video by Rolf Potts in 2010.

The one thing that I do is to turn on my external radio, located next to the bed. I like listening to jazz or instrumental stations. You may like other types of music.  I find this will rise above any other external noise.  Yet, I am able to wake up in case of emergencies that may happen and for my early morning wake up call when working on-site meetings. If I wear my iPod, there is always the possibility of over sleeping. 

Preparing the Bed for Travelers The Scott Resort & Spa 2009
Insider Tip: I also enjoy roasting marshmellows and eating s'mores along side fireplaces at the The Scott Resort.

My Favorite Resort Hotel

This brings memories to me of one of my favorite hotels that I stayed with a couple of years ago, the Scott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I discovered little thoughtful things I needed were already provided, like extra power outlets for my electronic toys located in the base of lamps. The flowing waterfalls were relaxing, and they happen to offset any conflicting noise throughout the resort (like lively group gatherings). And, it reminded me of my favorite by-the-water properties.  When my bed covers were turned down at night, my guest room attendant also turned on soft jazz music.  Of course the friendly and engaging staff of the resort was a bonus.  Simple tricks to enjoy your stay. 

View the USA Travel Today video by Rolf Potts and find more information.

What is your favorite tip for sleeping in hotels? 

Have a fantastic night's sleep!  ~ Exploring with the Fun Tour Guru 

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*Image credit by Fun Tour Guru