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Santa Cruz, CA - More Than Surf, Historic Mission Santa Cruz Too

Of course Mother's Day brings memories to some of us that we share together with our own Mothers.  I know my Mother enjoyed going to the places I loved with her California visits.  Santa Cruz is one of those places we shared together and I remember she asked, "Have I lost you to the ocean?"  To my Mother, thank you for being with me, always and forever!  

A different Santa Cruz, CA 

I think about Santa Cruz, CA as a fun, off beat, surfing, and college town which lies where the north side of Monterey Bay merges with the Pacific Ocean. Santa Cruz tends to have an opposite attraction from the town of Monterey,  and is more the place where the locals hang out. Many visitors head "over the hill" from San Jose, CA on Hwy 17 and go directly to see the Wharf, Boardwalk, and West Cliff Drive. A few people might even frequent downtown Santa Cruz sidewalks.  How many actually visit Mission Hill? What is Mission Hill?  

Mission Hill in Santa Cruz, CA
 Mission Hill, Santa Cruz, CA

The Holy Cross Church is the symbol of where the Mission Santa Cruz once stood.  Today visitors may walk around this church and the State Historical Park building complex.   

The Mission Santa Cruz is the 12th of 21 California missions established in 1791 and built between the years of 1822 and 1824, mostly by the hard work of Native Americans in what was then known as "Alta California". 

California State Historic Park

Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park is the site of several buildings erected around the original Santa Cruz Mission. Part of the cluster, the Neary-Rodriguez Adobe was built in 1791 and is the last of the mission's many buildings to survive.

Santa Cruz means "holy cross" in Spanish. Learn lessons from history as you visit this replica of the actual mission - which has gone through many disasters – including many, many earthquakes. All but nine buildings on Mission Hill are in a Special Use (Historic) District, to maintain the area’s historic character.

Inside the Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park 

The interior of the church has only a few original artifacts.  Most items were lost or destroyed in earthquakes. Visitors will find a 1797 oil painting of the Virgen de Guadalupe hanging on the side wall of the church, and in the garden may be seen the original hand-carved baptismal font once located in the sanctuary.

The day I visited, the park was closed. I took a 3 pictures between the space of the closed gate of the historical park. I found these fascinating views by doing this: 



Mission Santa Cruz 130 Emmet Street (831) 426-5686
Days and hours have recently changed to Thursday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. You might want to call to be sure it is open. There is a small gift shop to browse.

The history in Santa Cruz, I wonder ...
did the Spanish Priests and early American Indians have some type of surfboard? 

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Everyday is a Happy Mother's Day! 

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