Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Value Lunch & Dinner in Santa Clara/Silicon Valley CA

Update 2022: Unfortunate this restaurant is no longer in operation and in fact the building was lost and destroyed because of the increase of expensive housing apartments.  

I found another great best value lunch, Mondo Burrito, in Santa Clara. When you walk in the door - you may choose what you want to eat and tell the "Burrito Makers." You will watch them make your burrito while you choose the ingredients.  

Mention "Mondo mucho," you will receive all of the extras at a special low price. Burritos may be ordered by size - small or mondo - and they offer a choice of tortillas. I like their whole wheat flour tortillas. There is a choice of burritos:
  • Mondo meato
  • Mondo beano
  • Mondo veggo
  • Mondo fisho 
Or if you don't want a tortilla - just say "Mondo no wrappo" and you will receive a plate of ingredients and two small corn or flour tortillas on the side.  

Although I love to get Burritos, they do have other menu items like nachos, soft and crispy tacos, taquitos, tamales, enchiladas, and tostada salads. Most of these items are included with combination plates. They make their own tortilla chips fresh several times a day and have 4 fresh salsas available.  

I frequently get a Mondo Burrito for lunch or a take home burrito, this is a great place to go for lunch and dinner.  I enjoy sitting on the large patio and they do have a bar which serves beer, wine and margaritas.   Tip for best values - choose their daily specials. 

Mondo Burrito is open Monday - Friday from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Saturdays 11:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. They are in close proximity to Santa Clara University on The Alameda & Benton. 

Do you know of any other best value lunch/dinner restaurants in Santa Clara or Silicon Valley?  Comment with your favorites. 

Remember to look around the other corner for great experiences.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Fridays, Yes Work with Fun

Okay, I walked out of a Mountain View business meeting (Bootstrappers Breakfast) and this is what I found.

I support Earth Day and our local VTA (transportation) system.  Remember, don't just think about our environment on one day ~ what may we do everyday?

Ask me about the sightseeing tour I arranged using a VTA bus a few years ago?  The local tour director was amazing to help us with this.

Tell us what you did this for the environment this week?

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Best Value Lunch Breaks Solo?

There is a great new place I recommend for lunch & dinner in Santa Clara - a best value right now. It is a casual & friendly.  Let me tell you - the sausage sandwiches are delicious!  You have to go at least 4 times to taste each type of sausage.  

Neto's Market & Grill - they even have different happy hour events with a full bar service.  If you are not sure about going on your own - this is a good place to try.  How do you feel about eating lunch on your own?

Let us know what your favorite sausage is?  

Looking for great value deals around Santa Clara and Silicon Valley ~ please reply recommendations and I will go find out.  

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silicon Valley Culinary Adventures - Cascal's in Mountain View, CA

My journey continues of Happy Hours, Lunches, and Dinners in Silicon Valley. Last week's visit was a fave restaurant, Cascal's, in Mountain View, CA for Happy Hour. (By the way, you may follow more culinary adventures our Silicon Valley Secrets on Pinterest ~ it is free. See the right side of this page.)

Did you know Cascal's Restaurant was nominated as "Best Ethnic Restaurant" by the Silicon Valley Concierge Association for their Annual Hospitality Event, celebrating 15 year anniversary of the association this year.

The SVCA Hospitality Awards 2010 Event will be held  at the Golf Club at Boulder Ridge.  

"Mojito Madness & Sangrias"

Delicious!  Appetizers were tasty as well!  I recommend the tapas at Cascals for Lunch/Dinner.  And best of all, parking is free and easy to find in downtown Mountain View.

Thank you with stopping by ~ and please comment about your fave place!  And stop by for more suggestions soon.  

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