Friday, September 14, 2007

Wine tasting in Silicon Valley? REALLY!

I was reading an article of “Perfect Picnics, Santa Cruz: A rich repast under the redwood trees “ by Kacie Ratner, printed Friday May 25, 2007, in online in SF Gate this weekend and it reminded me of the great properties we have locally SOUTH of San Francisco.

These special boutique “gems” are a challenge to locate in the Santa Cruz Mountains, yet are very worthwhile to visit. The personnel behind the scenes are always very gracious, and the wines found are great, and there are so many stories to be found.

I advise that it is best to find the expertise to help “guide” you to these locations. The roads are steep and windy and with not the best of signs posted. Fortunately, there are 4-5 local companies that specialize in wine tasting tours (including Lighthouse Tours) of this area and it is best to let these people assist you.

I have cautioned many participants whether the wineries are large group friendly, or if larger motor coaches would be able to make it to the wineries themselves. And, not all wineries are open to the public or only open during weekends or on certain weekends throughout the year.

They are worth visiting – let these trained professionals assist and guide you. I have great testimonials from each group I escort to these local south bay wineries. You will be glad you went!

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