Thursday, July 3, 2008

Locally this summer - what to do?

I returned from my own international trip this month which was most agreeable to me. It was a great get away and to explore. Travel is fine, and I (personally) did not experience any irritations or challenges.

I need to update a few items of local interest since I have been away.

I read the latest issue of the Concierge Valley Access e-zine, which highlighted their recent (outstanding) hospitality event in May. This event recognizes the best of the best of the hospitality industry in Silicon Valley. In my opinion, this Hospitality Event is the best of all events – the Concierges really know how to create a fabulous and exquisite evening.

This year, the Best Concierge is Robin Kuborssy, Abbott , Corporate Concierge. Congratulations Robin!

My favorite categories recognized:

Best New Restaurant - San Pedro Square Bistro and Wine Bar
Best Kept Secret - San Jose Jazz Sunday Series
Best Winery - Cinnabar Vineyards and Winery

The remaining list may found at , click on the June Valley Access. Be sure to visit these establishments this summer. What better entertainment is our local jazz music, a new restaurant with great eats downtown San Jose, and good tasting wine ~ and all local in Silicon Valley!

By the way, the new tasting room for Cinnabar Vineyard is located in downtown Saratoga and is delightful. Try their Mercury Rising and 2006 Late Harvest Chadonnay – I enjoyed them. I did learn something about wine after planning numerous events for groups.

Tips for this summer – most wineries are closed on the 4th of July, open again on the 5th July. Summer passport weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains is July 19 – when you may visit most wineries (even the smaller, boutique wineries) for free with purchase of a passport. Some of the best wineries are located on mountainous, windy roads. Be careful and designate a driver in your group. Buy the driver a delicious dinner at the end of the day!

What is your favorite trip?

When you are traveling local or afar, remember to turn the corner, and go down the street that is not on your plan, to discover a new adventure! ~ The Funguru

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