Sunday, March 15, 2009

Economy - telephones, cell phones

I am still in search of a place to have lunch (small entree or sandwich, small sidedish, drink) for $5.00 in the south bay region of San Francisco bay area. Not quanitity, quality, smaller servings, and less money is great. Any recommendations?

Phone services - have you counted the number of television advertisements from phone service companies to buy smart phones within one hour? How many dollars do these companies pay for each advertisement?

Do you have minutes to spare (not used) on your phone plan (cell or landlines)? Perhaps these phone service companies should automatically apply these unused minutes of the month before against your phone bill every month?

Outcome, we would have an increase of money in our pockets to buy the latest smart phones companies are trying to sell to us (in advertisements on television) which costs much money to them. I know I would buy a new phone if my company did this for me automatically.

Preparing for the rebound ....

Remember, "When you are traveling local or afar, remember to turn the corner, and go down the street that is not on your plan, to discover a new adventure! " ~ The Funguru

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