Friday, April 24, 2009

Increasing your education, how?

There are many methods to increase your skills through education and congratulations for those self-starters (entrepreneurs) that take on-going classes in Adult Education classes, Recreation, Community Colleges, Technical Training courses in private schools, online seminars on the web, etc.

What happened to the idea of employers (companies) providing opportunities for training to candidates and employees? There are many stories of (from 10-20 years ago) workers being trained as programmers, sales, etc through employers. What happened to this?

Perhaps this is an idea which might be given to offset the lower wages which are being offered by employers now? A key question in interviews today is, "Do you have this certain software or skill?"

How does one get the experience? A reply question to the hiring person may be, "what equivalent skill might be acceptable?"

Happy Friday! ~ remember, take a short trip to renew yourself.

"preparing for the rebound"

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