Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tips when Traveling

Harpist in San Gimignano, Italy

My Third Commandment for Travelers is

“Thou shalt not let other tour members get on thy nerves, for thou art paying good money to enjoy thyself.”

Enjoy Your Travel Companions


At the same time you learn about what local people do in other regions; enjoy your traveling companions too! These people come from many different geographical areas in the world now and join you on tour vacations. Include everyone that you travel with during shopping sprees, meals and group gatherings. Find ways to learn about these companions and do things with them.

Game to Play By Yourself On Trips

Learn how to explore places on your own. Sometimes I play a game by myself like a scavenger hunt. I make a list of the many attractions which I enjoy in the town we visit. Then I add 2-3 new things, like having a cup of coffee and talking with a local person with a specific interest of the area.  

I capture the list of items with pictures. Your Tour Manager should be able to assist in locating someone to chat with during this time. 

Or, simply make a list finding people in action (taxi driver opening a door for someone or server at a restaurant opening wine at a outdoor cafe) and then search these out with your camera.

Be Prepared For These

I admit, you may find a challenge with another tour participant that just doesn’t fit into your own expectations. This is when you may solicit assistance from the Tour Director/Manager. Let them find a creative way of a win-win situation for the both of you. 

One challenge that happened several years ago, was when I was one of three adults on a motor coach tour through England. Sleeping arrangements were not always straight forward.

There were a few times when these smaller Europe hotel rooms were not adequate for 3 adults. I spoke to the Tour Director about securing a single room. Remember, just because the sleeping arrangements are NOT great, you may still have fun together with other activities. 

Have these challenges happened to you?
  • Try to see yourself in the position of sleeping in the tiny, cot-like 'shelf' pulled out to sleep on.
  • One person is freezing cold and the other person is hot  -hint: please don’t wait until that person goes asleep and then adjust the temperature.  
  • One person is a smoker and the other person is not.

Get assistance from the Tour Manager to work out the situation.
Everyone wants to have a good time and pay to go on vacation.

Remember, you make and share memories of a lifetime with these people you meet from different regions on one trip.

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Have fun experiences, enjoy your new travel friends! ~ The FunTourGuru

Ed. Note: Picture included here we took from our Italy tour. 

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