Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tips When Traveling

"Try something different"

The fourth commandment for All Travelers:

“Thou shalt not worry, for he that worrieth hath little joy.”

This sounds easy to do, people don’t realize how difficult it is to leave worries at home.

There are many types of worries that creep into our minds. Whether we are thinking about letting go of the way we do our paid work during a short time, our loved ones which may be ill, or even situations which may occur on the trip itself like.

There was a time that worry inflicted me and I would retain thoughts of situations from work or home, or even about situations that happened while on tour.

A vacation is a time to let go of our previous thoughts. Don’t try to copy from others or control. A trip is where you might discover something about yourself that you have never been acquainted with before. Use positive words to describe what you see.

If something happens which you may not agree with, simply say, “That is fascinating,” and remember all things are fresh and equal to discover new surroundings. It may make a great story to tell later.

It really does help to use a simple “smile” at all times. Remember, this trip is about fun and discovering IN the destination. As Julie Andrews sings in Mary Poppins, “a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down.”

Try sitting next to a new person each day on a motor coach instead of your spouse, friend, or relative and find out all you are able about that person. It also gives you a “day” vacation from your traveling companion. If you do this each day, you have created 10 new “day” vacations of experiences which are all different.

Many people never even think about sharing the day with a stranger. Be bold and different. Describe your day with positive words to your traveling companion over dinner. Practice your story telling with this.

Use positive words and be kind. Smile. Discover something different, create several day vacations on your trip by spending the day with someone different! ~ The FunTourGuru

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