Monday, November 9, 2009

Reserve USA & Europe Tours: Discounts, Family Friendly Available

I just found out that if you travel with 5 friends on escorted tours (USA & Europe tours are good) next year, there is a 5% discount. Of course, you have to reserve all 5 friends at the time of the first reservation. There are other Early Discounts valid right now too! Contact us for reservations.  There are already "definite departures" being posted.

If you have already been to these destinations across Europe and USA, the Cost Saver tours may be great, as you may split off when you reach the daily destination from the rest of the group tour if you want. And, if you like the unpacking once (like cruises), there are escorted tours like these available.

AND, triple and quad rooms are available with hotels now on Family Travel escorted tours.  This is a great idea for families.  Remember, escorted tours are inclusive price.  Start planning ~ this is a great time to reserve.

Travel with your small group of friends in 2010!  ~ The FunTourGuru

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