Friday, July 30, 2010

Local San Jose CA Trendy Neighborhood - Santana Row

Are we in Italy ... no, we are in San Jose!
A new upscale, trendy neighborhood appeared in San Jose 8 years ago.  Today - this is a fabulous area to explore whether your alone or with your friends. Next time you visit - stop and look at the details throughout the 3 blocks.  

Many artifacts were imported from Europe - grates, fountains, and even the front of church which is the entrance to a wine bar. Try to find the Garlic on the outside of the building fronts.  Garlic represents when this area was agriculture... once called Valley of Hearts Delight.  Find a series of art work showing the phases of the moon. (Moon Phases are in the image above) and a pizza tool by the Pizza Antica sign.  Yes, there are many hidden surprises throughout these blocks.  A local person may know about these.

Wait, there are more pleasant surprises to find.  I need to compliment the team I worked with at Left Bank Restaurant during a meeting.  It is these local people in a destination working together that I admire in the travel industry.  Is travel about getting acquainted with the local people in the destination?  

Within 4 hours I felt as though we were a team.  Supportive, communicative, and working together. Thanks to this team - they made this evening an excellent experience for us!  

The tour tip today - please remember the many people in destinations, working in all types of positions, who want to create a fabulous experience for you.  

What has been your experience with meeting people in the destination?

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  1. Will have to remember this next time we come down that way!

  2. If you do visit, send me an email and I will meet you. Its a fun place to stroll around and relax!


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