Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Job for America

This is a subject which really hits home with me - creating jobs for America.  We hear about some emphasis of creating jobs in the news everyday, what might we really do individually to help?

Today, I heard about this website from a talk show which featured job discussions.  

The website site was created in February by Carla Emil & Rich Silverstein. Carla writes in her article with HuffPost Business, "Maybe a better way to say it is that One Job for America encourages us to be responsible citizens and it gives us hope that we can participate in making this a better world. We can come together, as members of a national community, and try to solve this problem one job at a time." 

The website is simple with 3 tabs and a list of 173 companies that have taken the pledge. (as of todays date). You may read "In the News" ~ See Who's Pledge ~ Pledge One Job. And, the map shows not only companies that pledge jobs, it shows positions fulfilled – hired on what dates.

A sincere thank you to Carla Emil! How may you include this pledge in your business plan today?  Please, share & discuss with us how you may do this as a small business. Let people help you!

Hire one person! People are ASSETS, not liabilities.  The Fun Tour Guru! 

Bridges Connect People & Communities Together, Let's Connect People & Jobs Together

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