Sunday, June 26, 2011

Woodies are Stars along with Classic Car Collectors in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Annual Event

It is the car season 2011!  This weekend I heard about 4 car events: Cars2 movie, Greenwood Car Show in Seattle, WA, NASCAR race at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA, and Woodies on the Wharf in Santa Cruz, CA. (There were many more I am sure)

Woodies on the Wharf, Santa Cruz, CA 2011
I made a last minute decision to get out of the big city and drive over to Santa Cruz yesterday (Saturday) and see what Woodies on the Wharf was all about.  I have heard many people talk about this event since 1995.  I am so glad I went! 

This vintage car event has these items to enhance one’s experience:
  • Classic Woodie Cars and their friendly, passionate surfing owners as hosts
  • The perfect stage on Santa Cruz Wharf, against the exquisite background setting of Monterey Bay, is the most amazing venue
  • The small hometown feeling of the classic surfing beach community of Santa Cruz, CA
I arrived early while the fog still hung over the bay and it was a bit chilly before the afternoon crowds gathered.  It is always fun to watch the surfing and kayak classes as I walk to the Wharf.

The first Surfboard which I first saw.


Next, as the sun came out in the afternoon, I saw (up close) Woodies Club President Loren Steck (black shirt, straw hat) give out awards and prizes to Santa Cruz community leaders like 2011 Mayor Ryan Coonerty and Chief of Police Kevin Vogel.  

And many, many raffle prizes all day long. 

Of course the real stars of the show were the vintage collection of Woodies while chatting one on one with all of the owners.

A really, really fun day! 

I will be sharing more insider secrets and photos this week of these Santa Cruz Boardwalk findings.  

More pictures added to see. 

Insider Secret:
Do hot dogs taste better at the beach or baseball game? 

I recommend this best food $5 value of the day – Paradise Hot Dogs. Three choices of hot dogs, with the popular “big dog” which is a quarter pound hot dog on a steam bun along with soft drinks, Gatorade, chips, cookies, and even water for $1. They also have t-shirts and tote bags available to sell. Plus, you receive the friendly enthusiasm of these owners who live in this Paradise beach town. 5 Stars! What a simple, yet great business idea!  

 You never know what you will find until you go! ~ The Fun Tour Guru

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